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Use Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science to Tailor Your Talent Search


Executive Search and Recruiting Solutions Powered by AI and Behavioral Science

Our trademarked first-to-market technology solutions uncover game-changing information about the modern workforce. We identify, study, connect with, and track high-performance industry-leading talent nationwide. Our team specializes in executives, product and service line innovators, operations and finance experts, HR and IT powerhouses, and other fast-rising professionals.

bizWin builds high-performance executive leadership teams. We do this through using predictive analytics, industry-specific business intelligence, and behavioral economics. Transform your business, overtake your competition, and dominate the market.

  • Executive Search & Recruiting

    We provide executive search and recruiting solutions to support strategic business initiatives. We access hidden talent, engage and qualify candidates, and evaluate high-potential players. Build your award-winning team and transcend your business to the next level.

  • Business Intelligence

    Gain specific business intelligence to execute with precision and surpass your competition. We provide real-time actionable insights to supercharge your marketplace awareness. This is your distinct competitive advantage.

  • Strategy

    Craft the optimal human capital strategy to maximize your organization’s effectiveness. Talent acquisition and workforce management strategies are crucial to an organization’s success. Base your strategy on real-time workplace business intelligence.