Executive Search


Executive Search Solutions to Enhance Your Organizational Performance

We provide full-service, consultative executive search solutions designed for high-priority leadership and hard-to-fill positions. We are also called upon by generationally owned privately-held organizations to conduct succession-based searches which involves complete or partial C-suite restructuring and rebuilding.

Activate the Performance Together™ search model and gain access to our complete suite of premium services such as strategic human resources management planning, business intelligence and competitive data analytics, compensation and benefits benchmarking, personality and cultural fit assessments, experiential and skill assessments, interview coordination, consultant led interview facilitation with search committees and boards, comprehensive due diligence, on-boarding support, post-placement performance coaching, and concierge services.

Our client portfolio includes: preeminent healthcare and research institutions, powerful national insurance brands, longstanding regional, national and global power players in financial services, award winning suppliers of energy, and multi-billion-dollar iconic manufacturing firms. We have come to enjoy the title of “trusted advisor” with our clients and conduct business with them year over year without fail.

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    Performance Together

    30 years in the making. Our comprehensive recruitment model has delivered incredible results time and time again.

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    Workforce Analytics

    Strategic information to benchmark and conceive your strategy, approach, and execution. How do you stack up to your competition?

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    Concierge Services

    We handle everything. Interview coordination, on-boarding, executive coaching, post placement PR, and community introductions for strategic business partnerships.