Our Impact on the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry continues to grow at a rapid pace.  In 2017, the industry was generating nearly $1.2 trillion in revenue.  Combined, the industry employs nearly 3 million people to power the day to day operations of 5,954 insurance companies in the U.S.  Building, managing, and leading this immense workforce is a challenge. bizWin Strategies has closely partnered with powerful national brands nationwide to support and enhance workforce development efforts.  We partner at a board-level or with the C-suite to discuss workforce related business intelligence and conceive human capital strategy. We partner with HR and line management to identify, qualify, recruit, and select top-tier talent and build high performance teams that relentlessly drive towards corporate business goals.

Our work has positively impacted our clients in many ways.  We have collaborated to expedite the hiring of C-suite leaders to create and implement overarching competitive strategy, as well as managed the placement of highly technical leaders to architect, build, and lead cutting edge technology platforms that drive operations, finance, HR, security, data warehousing, service, and quality.  We have enhanced the performance of HR departments, marketing & communications, business development & sales, finance & corporate compliance, corporate training and development teams, and account management & customer service teams by identifying top performing employees and managers in the industry and recruiting them for service with our clients.  We have come to enjoy the title of “trusted advisor” with our clients and conduct business with them year over year without fail.